LinkedIn profile, website, glamour, boudoir, model portfolios, or just for yourself, there is many reasons to contact a professional photographer to have your photos taken. When having your photos done professionally it is important to have a makeup which is adapt to the lighting and camera. To be photogenic, a face needs to have even proportions. Highlights and shades, put in the right places and adapt to your facial shape will give the corrections you  need  in front of a camera. Even a very natural look requires a lot of work, camera sees everything, and creating a natural makeup for a photoshoot is a professional work.

With years experience working in studio, I can offer to my clients a service for their private photoshoots. The makeup can look a bit different compare to an everyday look, the skin needs to have a perfect coverage, and the colours need to be well blended, and bright enough to appear under strong lights. I offer this service for men and women. If you have several looks for your photoshoots and wish to have change for your hair and makeup please let me know when you contact me.


Our model has done her makeup and hair for her everyday, natural look on the first photo.

On the second image I have done her hair and makeup, suitable for camera. She still looks natural but I did a makeup suitable for camera, give a natural shape to her hair with more volume.

What to do before the shoot if your want to have your hair and makeup done?Come with a clean face and no makeup on. Clean and dry hair.

Please let me know if you are subject to any allergies or skin reactions. If you have very long hair and need a full blow or any special hairstyle,  as it can take longer.

If you have some favourite colours or makeup you would like me to use, bring it one the day.

Try to avoid any deep skin treatment the week before your shoot, as the skin can be sensitive and not suitable for makeup.


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