Choose your GLOW!

Choice of textures and colours are on the market when it comes to highlight your makeup and it can be hard to find the perfect product for the result you are looking for.

Here my tips to help you achieve a dewy skin for a day or a night look:

Soft: choose a liquid highlighter or strobe cream, and apply under your foundation. This will just give a natural glow to your makeup for a youthful effect. Apply on the centre of the face and the top of your cheekones.

Medium: Choose a cream highlighter. Cream will blend perfectly to your makeup and can also be used as a cream eyeshadow. Apply it after your foundation on the top of the cheekbones and between your brows.

Strong: Choose a shimmer powder. More pigmented and use as the final step of your makeup, powders will give an intense glow to your skin. Use a small pressure on your brush with circular motions to blend the product onto the skin.

Extra strong: Cream+ Powder. Use a cream highlighter first and a shimmer powder on the top. The cream will hold the pigments of the powder for an intense effect. 

Which colour?

Pink based highlighters will usually suit fair complexion.

Gold based highlighters will match tan and darker skin tones.

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